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Cat Vaccine

Vaccinations for Cats

Not all cats are excited to visit the vet, but here at MVVH we pride ourselves on our courtesy towards, and special care of cats. All employees are trained in the gentle handling and less-is-more approach to restraint. It is very important to keep your cat sufficiently vaccinated but not over and above your feline’s specific needs, so a brief questionnaire supplies the veterinarian with info to adequately tailor to your special friends' vaccine needs. Each vaccine visit is accompanied by a full examination by the veterinarian to ensure the health and wellness of your cat.

FVRCP —Feline Distemper

This single vaccine will protect your cat from an array of illnesses that can be contracted from several different sources in your pet’s own environment.

  • § F eline V iral R hinotracheitis—aka “feline pneumonia” or “feline influenza”, this virus affects the upper respiratory area and is very contagious
  • § C alicivirus—this virus also results in an upper respiratory infection; it can cause sores and legions in the mouth and has a high mortality rate
  • § P anleukopenia—aka “cat plague”, this virus attacks the gastrointestinal tract and lowers the cat’s white blood cell count which allows for infections and other detrimental sicknesses

FeLV—Fe line L eukemia V irus

This vaccine protects against a virus that is actually very closely related to the Human Aids Virus and can cause a marked decrease in white blood cells leading to secondary infections in cats. This virus is typically fatal.


This vaccine protects against this virus affecting the brain and nervous system of cats. Rabies can have a very quick progression of signs and can be dangerous to other animals and even people. Rabies always results in the death of the affected cat and can be extremely painful in the process.

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