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Dog Vaccine

Vaccinations for Dogs

Whether your dog is excited to see the vet or a little nervous about their checkup, at MVVH, we pride ourselves on our courtesy towards, and special care of dogs. All employees are trained in the gentle handling and less-is-more approach to restraint. Each dog’s needs are assessed with a brief questionnaire to tailor the vaccine series to your dog’s specific needs and activities. Each vaccine visit is accompanied by a full examination by the veterinarian to ensure the health and wellness of your dog.

DHPP or DA2PP —Distemper Cocktail

This combined vaccine will protect your dog from an array of illnesses that can be contracted from several different sources in your pet’s own environment.

  • § D istemper—this virus affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal and central nervous system of dogs, causing many different symptoms including seizures and muscle twitching that even with treatment still commonly recur
  • § A denovirus Type 2 ( H epatitis)—this virus causes inflammation of the liver, can also cause eye issues, is transmitted from dog to dog and can be fatal
  • § P arvovirus—this virus, closely related to feline panleukopenia, is spread by contaminated feces and is very contagious, causing loss of the dog’s stomach lining and possibly death
  • § P arainfluenza—this is a highly contagious respiratory virus that is spread through the air from dog to dog and can result in pneumonia

Lepto Lepto spirosis

This bacterial disease is spread by wild animals, and even domesticated food animals, through contaminated water, soil or other substances, and affects the liver and kidneys, sometimes resulting in death.


This vaccine is sometimes called the “kennel cough” vaccine because of the symptoms of the bacterial infection and how it spreads from dog to dog when many dogs are housed together. Pneumonia can occur if this disease is contracted. This disease and accompanying symptoms can be treated but is very detrimental to the dog’s health and incurs immense charges for treatment.


This vaccine protects against this virus affecting the brain and nervous system of dogs. Rabies can have a very quick progression of signs and can be dangerous to other animals and even people. Rabies always results in the death of the affected dog and can be extremely painful in the process.

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