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We practice the highest standards of quality medicine with a professional and caring staff.

Our staff constantly monitors the needs and comforts of your pet. We provide medical care for sick patients as well as healthy ones. We perform routine surgeries, such as spays and neuters, along with more advanced procedures such as soft tissue and orthopedics. We have the ability to acquire the expertise of many specialists to help us provide the best care for your pet.

We perform routine dental prophylaxis as well as treatment of dental disease. Digital dental x-ray images assist us in evaluating dental disease in our patients. We promote good dental hygiene and provide information to help you maintain this at  home.

We utilize the newest technology with our digital x-ray system, allowing our doctors immediate and detailed views of radiographs of your pet. We can send digital images to specialists throughout the country with the click of a button.

We have the capability of ultrasound and Laparoscopy. We practice comprehensive pain management for each patient. We treat both cats and dogs from pediatric to geriatric.

We also provide emergency services for our established clients 95% of the time. Our Doctors have 67 years of combined experience and they stay on top of the cutting edge of medicine, technology, education and compassion, because we know they're not just pets... they're family.

We work with our clients to provide the care your pet needs at an affordable price. Payment is expected at time of service; we accept check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Care Credit. If you require financial assistance, click here to contact organizations that may be able to help.

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