Supporting Staff



Christine has been with us since 2004. In her free time she enjoys doing agility with her border collie, Jett and scrapbooking. Christine is owned by 3 cats and 1 dog


Rachel has been greeting clients at Mountain View with a smile since April of 2015. Rachel helps make sure we get patients cared for and into a room as soon as possible alone with helping our doctors stay organized and on time.

Kennel Assistant


Kelly is originally from Big Spring, Texas, but has been at Mountain View since 2000.  As our kennel assistant she starts early in the morning walking, feeding and making sure every pet has a clean rest area with lots of comfy blankets!  In her free time, she likes to read, watch movies and go out to eat with friends.



She has been with Mountain View since 2014.  She is married with one son and owned by 1 cat named Davey.  In her free time she enjoys scrapbooking, spending time with her family or anything outdoors. 


Bonnie has been a member of Mountain View since August of 2016. She has been trained as both a receptionist and assistant in that time and plays a big role in helping our doctors with patient care and scheduling. Her good work is always accompanied by a kind smile and her positive attitude helps keep the hospital flowing smoothly.


Kaela has been an assistant at Mountain View since September of 2015. She helps train new hires and plays a crucial role in making sure patients are comfortable and pain free. She maintains a positive attitude and helps problem solve when able.  She is currently owned by 2 cats, Evan and Buchanan.


Growing up with members of her family in the Army, she has lived all over the country. Lizzie finally settled in Western Washington to be with her husband and high school sweetheart, who recently finished college as a software developer. Now it's her turn to start her career in veterinary medicine. Lizzie loves all animals, and the challenge of being able to help a pet that can't communicate what's wrong with them. She is currently a veterinary assistant who's eager to learn technical skills to advance her career. Lizzie is owned by 3 dogs, Hank, Basil, and Baby Shark; also, 2 cats, Kitty, and Clementine. In her spare time, she loves to paint and take photos of her family and friends. She also enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her puppies! Lizzie likes working at Mountain View because she knows it's full of people working here who have kind hearts that will treat our client's pets with love and care. Most of the time we can find Lizzie cuddling our hospitalized patients to make them feel loved and safe. 


Nathan has grown up in the Lacey area since he was 5 years old. His family has always had various types of pets while growing up, fish, hamsters, birds, and dogs. Before working at Mountain View, Nathan ran a very successful pet sitting business, mainly for friends and family. It was only natural that he was excited to apply for the role as Veterinarian Assistant. Nathan enjoys helping the doctors and technicians by holding on to the pets while they get their treatments, and helping the pets feel safe and comfortable. Nathan is owned by 1 dog named Arrow, a cuddly Vizsla. When he's not working, Nathan enjoys going on adventures with his wife Elizabeth and Arrow, hiking, and traveling, or even staying home to watch TV and movies on the couch. He enjoys working at Mountain View because it is a great chance to learn new skills, work with caring coworkers, and meet all sorts of cute pets.


Desiree has been a member of the Mountain View family since February of this year and she has come so far in such a short time. When she started, she was green to the field and had a strong drive to learn. She always had loved animals and was interested in helping pets in need. When Desiree is not hard at work here, she spends time with her two cats (Pumpkin Bash and Milo) and her boyfriend. She enjoys relaxing at home, drinking iced coffee, and watching movies. She especially loves the Harry Potter films. She also enjoys spending time with her friends when time allows. One of her favorite things about the hospital is the dedication the clinic has to ensuring the best care for our patients.


Rebecca comes from Ohio, but has also lived in other states such as Hawaii, and Maryland while with her husband who works in the military. Washington state, however, is the home she loves the most. Rebecca also is a mother of 2 children, one boy and one girl. Her enjoyment and interest of being around animals since she’s been in 7th grade, is the reason she became a pet care professional. Rebecca has been to Animal Behavior College to become a veterinary assistant, and is currently enrolled in Penn Foster to get her Associates Degree to further her career in the veterinary world. She is owned by 2 dogs, Chase, a chocolate lab, and Winter, a St. Bernard. When she is not indoors at work or at school, Rebecca wants to be in the great outdoors! All of the fresh air, places to hike and to camp. Rebecca feels the best thing about our hospital is the loving staff who help with the care of all the pets who come in for exams and to stay with us.


After the untimely loss of their step father, Patrick and his sister work hard to take care of their mother. He has always been a kind of cat whisperer, and he always has wanted to help other people. Patrick has been to school to learn about psychotherapy, but has since branched out into other aspects of the medical field. Patrick started working at Mountain View in 2020 as a veterinary assistant, where he has been enjoying his work and the people that he works with. He says “they are a welcome reprieve from some difficult years. They remember that people are human, and that we are more helpful to our patients when we are in good condition too.” Patrick is owned by his 2 cats Chromie, and Artemis. When he is not working at Mountain View, he enjoys practicing with video game design, literary analysis, and martial arts.


Born and raised in Los Angeles CA, Bobbie-Jean is a more recent resident to Washington. While working her typical 9-5 job, she felt unfulfilled, it was draining her, and she needed something different. Being a pet care professional offers the purpose and challenge she’s been searching for, and it fits her specific interests being a Veterinary Assistant. Bobbie-Jean is owned by 2 very sweet kitties, Bonnie, and Houston. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time at home with her husband watching Netflix and eating ice cream, which is balanced out by their time hiking and going to the gym. Bobbie-Jean loves working at our hospital because she feels every one of our employees would do anything to make sure our patients are comfortable and loved while they are away from their loved ones.

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