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Christine has been with us since 2004. In her free time, she enjoys doing agility with her border collie, Jett and scrapbooking. Christine is also owned by 3 cats.


Rachel has been greeting clients at Mountain View with a smile since April of 2015. Rachel helps make sure we get patients cared for and into a room as soon as possible alone with helping our doctors stay organized and on time. Rachel works hard to schedule appointments, answer clients’ questions, and helps to keep the hospital running smoothly. When she is not working at Mountain View, she enjoys reading, drawing, playing video games, gardening and listening to music. She is owned by Charlotte, her amazing yellow lab cross.


Bonnie has been working at Mountain View since 2016. She started out as a receptionist, and after a year she began working as an assistant, she knew she found her favorite place to work. Bonnie became a pet care professional because of her fondness for seeing all sorts of animals at all different stages of their life, puppies, kittens, senior pets, and even the sassy ones. Bonnie appreciates the warm family environment among her coworkers, as well as the love and compassion that we give to our patients and their care takers. When Bonnie is not working at Mountain View, she enjoys being outside, camping, hiking in the mountains, and white-water rafting. Also, she loves cooking, reading, and spending time with her kids. Bonnie is owned by her 3 cats, Peta, Hades, and Loki, and her dog Sophie. 

Taja is from Montesano WA and has been working as a receptionist at Mountain View since June 2022. As she grew up, her mom was a Veterinary Technician, and got to see her mom bring work home with her, and Taja fell in love with animals. Her first job working with animals was at a local kennel where she would walk the dogs and clean up after them. Eventually she began working at PetSmart and had fun learning all about exotic animals. Working at Mountain View she loves watching the bond between our clients and their pets and appreciates having good coworkers that have her back and helps her grow. While Taja is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids especially while camping, fishing, and baking. Taja is also owned by her 3 pets, a dog named Sandy, a cat name Clyde, and a hedgehog named Howard.

Suzanne is a local from Olympia, WA, she started working at Mountain View as a receptionist in January 2023. Suzanne has always had a love for cats and dogs and became a pet care professional to help people and their pets. She likes working at Mountain View because of the welcoming atmosphere and everyone is so helpful, “like being a part of a big family.” Suzanne’s goal is to stay at Mountain View until she retires. In her free time, Suzanne enjoys being outside hiking and going camping with her husband. Her hobbies include crochet and diamond painting. Of course, she loves playing with the 4 dogs who own her, Amp, Bella, Tank, and Roxie.



Nathan has grown up in the Lacey area since he was 5 years old. His family has always had various types of pets while growing up, fish, hamsters, birds, and dogs. Before working at Mountain View, Nathan ran a very successful pet sitting business, mainly for friends and family. It was only natural that he was excited to apply for the role as Veterinarian Assistant. Nathan enjoys helping the doctors and technicians by holding on to the pets while they get their treatments, and helping the pets feel safe and comfortable. Nathan is owned by 1 dog named Arrow, a cuddly Vizsla. In 2021 he was adopted by a feral kitten named Oh Grr, that was rescued by the Mountain View staff. When he's not working, Nathan enjoys going on adventures with his wife Elizabeth and Arrow, hiking, and traveling, or even staying home to watch TV and movies on the couch. He enjoys working at Mountain View because it is a great chance to learn new skills, work with caring coworkers, and meet all sorts of cute pets.


Sabrina has been working as an assistant here since August of 2021. She became a pet care professional because she has always wanted to work with animals. Starting out with dog walking and pet sitting in the Seattle area, she has developed into an excellent vet assistant. Her favorite thing about Mountain View is the environment generated by the staff, and the level of animal care we provide. On her days off, Sabrina enjoys hiking and the feeling of accomplishment as she reaches the summit. While hiking and on other occasions she likes practicing her photography skills. Sabrina is owned by her two cats: Mori and Freyja, and her bird named Gideon.


Jayden is originally from the Olympia/Lacey area, grew up in Centralia, and has returned to live in Olympia closer to where her mother works. In elementary and middle school Jayden started riding horses and quickly fell in love with all animals. After searching for a career where she can work with animals, she become a vet assistant with our hospital. Jayden is currently getting ready to apply to school to become a vet technician. Her hobbies include reading, drawing, painting, and she still very much enjoys riding horses. Jayden gets to live with her brother’s lab/Pitbull mix, Addie, and eventually wants to take care of her very own horse! Her favorite thing about our hospital is getting to work with all of the animals, and the rest of the staff too, she is learning so many things and is looking forward to hopefully working here as a vet tech in the near future.


Kayden was born in Las Vegas, Nevada where she lived part of her childhood, then eventually moved to Bellingham, WA where she came from before coming to Lacey. At the age of 17 Kayden got a job with a doggy day care, there she found out that she loves working with animals. She continues to work with our patients as an assistant and has been here since September 2022. Kayden’s favorite things about working at Mountain View is that she gets to be with animals all day and the entire team feels like a family from which she gets to learn something new every day. Learning is a passion and Kayden picks up new hobbies all the time and has various interests. She enjoys hanging out with friends, playing Minecraft, and being outdoors. Kayden is owned by her dog, Bentley, and her kitten named Boots.

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