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about us

Mountain View Veterinary Hospital was established in 1993 by Dr. Rhonda Snyder DVM. With the help of family and friends, her husband Jack, designed and built the entire hospital from the ground up. Mountain View Veterinary Hospital achieved American Animal Hospital Association accreditation in early 1994 and has always strived to practice the best medicine possible for the "fuzzy family" of her clients. Starting out with one veterinarian, one staff member, and Jack, who became a veterinary assistant and receptionist, Mountain View Veterinary Hospital has grown into a five-doctor facility with a staff of over twenty people. Despite growing larger, at its heart, this hospital is still a small business that believes in the loving bond between people and pets.

When founding Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Snyder created a facility that practices the standard of care that she expects for her own "critter kids." She really appreciates the staff, “they are true heartfelt caring people who want to help animals at the deepest level of their souls.” The staff always strive to stay current on the best medicine and practices and do their best to exceed their client’s expectations. Dr. Snyder drives her team to give the type of care that she expects for her own pets so that Mountain View Veterinary Hospital will provide the same for your pets. Because at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, we know they're not just pets…they're family.

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